Current skin and health condition in Australia especially in rural areas, where it is difficult to find GP and have to travel remotely just for a medical visit.

What it does

Firstly it classifies different skin diseases like Acne, Psoriasis etc. and secondly, once skin disease is predicted it further classifies the severity of that detected disease and recommends the nearest dermatologist and health care centre for further medication.

How I built it

We built it using Xcode for mobile application and used TensorFlow to convert deep learning model and once app approximates that user needs medical attention than it lists the doctors and fixes an appointment with him/her.

Challenges I ran into

Integration into iOS app

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully integrated into iOS app

What I learned

How to train the Deep Learning model using TensorFlow

What's next for MobiDerma- Skin Condition Detection

To scale our Deep Learning model for all sorts of skin diseases which can be visually approximated. We wish to expand it to all dental problems as well, using the core concept of deep learning.

Built With

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