Inspiration came from a friend who has found himself in a wheelchair in adult life, and is looking for a mobility device that will give him back some of his freedoms he lost when he became disabled.

What it does

MOBI is a Lithium Ion powered all terrain mobility vehicle, using robotic technology to actively stabilise the tilting mechanical suspension, providing a smooth ride and enabling the rider to remain level and safe over obstacles such as kerbs, gutters and crossfall. MOBI is all-wheel-drive and has all-wheel power steering.

How I built it

I have built many electric bikes and motorcycles. MOBI, like every project starts with an idea, a sketch, a CAD model and a set of drawings for construction. The MOBI frame has been lazer-cut from sheet chromoly, then folded and welded. Suspension A-arms were mandrel bent, and jigs created to hold the job whilst welding. Other components were machined on a lathe, or CNC machined. Battery pack was built using 18650 cells and spot-welded together using copper strip. The project was funded through investment, and has taken a year to get from idea to high-end prototype.

Challenges I ran into

There are challenges at every step, particularly with such a complex machine - steering setup needs to be revisited and some coding in the master-control system needs to be resolved. Big challenge at this point is to attract further funding to continue to develop the business of manufacturing electric vehicles.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The MOBI prototype. Completion of the EnergyLab accelerator program. 2013 e-bikeTec international design award for the "Deliver-E Trike" (Paris) 2010 contestant on the New Inventors A portfolio of cool custom electric bikes A portfolio of Concrete Skatepark design (Tasmania 2001 - 2019)

What I learned

When pushing boundaries the learning curve is steep. Apart from the technical hurdles, starting a company, dealing with investors and raising capital has been the 'new' challenges.

What's next for MOBI - by Electric Horsemen

MOBI needs customers, and there is focus on attracting the first of these. Electric Horsemen is seeking funding to enable MOBI to enter a pre-production phase and fill orders from these first customers.

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