We had a collaborative discussion on what to improve on our user experience through validating yourself when making a post on an article or forum online.

What it does

It is a recaptcha-based system that uses SMS to verify that the person making the post is real. The goal for this is to keep the security of keeping bots out of posting while making it easier for users to verify themselves while keeping the verification system as secure as possible.

How I built it

The back-end application was built in Python language that uses Flask package to communicate with the front-end and handle verification URLs. The front-end is done in HTML/CSS for the look and Ajax in JQuery to communicate with the back-end application.

Challenges I ran into

Getting Ajax to communicate with Python's Flask program was a major challenge due to cross-domain related errors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are able to complete a working project ahead of the deadline which allowed us to continue to improve our project during the remaining time.

What I learned

One of our team members has gotten the opportunity to learn how to use Git and learn more about the Google API and Ajax. The other team member has also gotten the opportunity to work with different problem-solving situations in the back-end application, especially with getting Ajax to communicate with Flask.

What's next for Moberify

We plan to continue on the Moberify project to improve the user experience and turn the application into some sort of package where it can be used in different forum or blog software.

We also have gotten the domain,, from However, it takes up to 24 hours before it syncs with the other root DNS servers so I created a temporary domain instead.

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