A twist on the Boxhead arena-style survival games, focussing on evasion and twitchy path planning.

What it does

Use your mouse to activate the mobs' unique abilities and stay alive. Twitchy navigation and quick thinking is the difference between being surrounded and being two seconds away from being surrounded!

How I built it

3D models - Blender Unity3D for game logic Microsoft Azure for game analytics

Challenges I ran into

Quirky behaviour when using Unity's NavMeshAgent with Rigidbody physics - don't do this!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

3D models and textures with unique designs. Finishing a playable game within 24 hours.

What I learned

Stick with what you know if you want a fully fledged game in 24 hours! Communicate your ideas more thoroughly - our team had drastically different expectations of the final game. Iterate much more quickly to get a better understanding of what makes your game fun.

What's next for Mobbos

More mobbos, levels, and player/level analytics.

Built With

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