I really just wanted to improve my java skills, and I had been a huge fan of the game Minecraft in the past.

What it does

The mod adds features to Minecraft, including a naturally generating ore, Super Solid Ore, that when smelted, creates Super Solid Ingot. Super Solid Ingot then gets crafted into a Super Solid Block, which is used in the recipe for a Mystery Box. When the Mystery Box is placed and then mined, it drops a Super Hammer. The Super Hammer is an all purpose tool which acts as a diamond pickaxe, axe, and shovel all in one. Additionally, it has more attack damage than a diamond sword, and 4 times the durability of a diamond pick.

How I built it

From me and my teammates knowing nothing about Minecraft modding, and myself only some java (from COMS227), we followed many outdated and updated tutorials online. We used eclipse and a modloader called forge to code our mod in Java and then link it to the Minecraft classes.

Challenges I ran into

Outdated tutorials, mapping a texture to a block, setting ore generation, setting a block to drop a different item than itself. Because me and my team knew nothing about mod creation, we actually spent the first 15 hours gaining enough familiarity with the project setup just to figure out how to create a new block and map a texture to it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The whole mod working perfectly!

What I learned

Basics and familiarity with minecraft modding and using the Forge modloader. More Java familiarity.

What's next for MobBlocksMoProblems

Expand on the mod to more items, that add more fun things to the game.

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