Meet Mo. The most personal To-Do list on the web.

This isn't just another average mechanic To-Do list. But instead, this has an incredibly adorable personal assistant tagged along with it to monitor your progress and guide you on. Mo is just like a human with moods, which changes according to how you perform. Start accumulating too many tasks near the deadline and Mo won't exactly be the nicest person with the nicest remarks. However, complete your tasks ahead of time consistently and get rewarded with points, working your way up leaderboards and compete against friends, with the motivation from Mo.

With all the fantastic features you would expect from a To-Do manager, such as deadline allocation and multiple list management, married to the amazingly stark and clean user interface, Mo- The Motivator easily appeals to any age group and any market.

If Mo likes you, she’ll be generous. If you’ve annoyed her, she’ll be rude. Say hello to the most personal To-Do manager on the web.

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