To reduce food waste from excess left over

To serve as a central place for others to donate food that are in excess. This could be perishable food or non-perishable item. Also it would help others who are in need and therefore create a linkage for those donating and those are hungry.

Using HTML (website) and H2DB

Integrating database with HTML. H2DB was not compatible with PHP, therefore we were not able to create a direct connection to system. We later discover that PHP works better with MySQL.

Brainstorming an idea that may have some social impact that will help to minimize food waste and to help combat hunger.

About resources that can aide in constructing solutions and creating linkages such as NYC Open data and different technologies such as Bootstrap, React Native, and Flutter

To create added features such as linking it to an accessible public portal such as NYCLink and 311 app. This would expand audience outreach to include those who may not have access to a phone or data.

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