Mothers face a lot of problems while traveling in shared Taxis. Shared cabs are not safe for young children and if they have an infant with them then condition gets worsen. Mo Cabs is a Taxi booking app with an option to pre book a taxi that have Child or Infant seat so that mother along with her child can travel safely. Mo Cabs automatically calculates distance and amount so you can travel hassle free.

What it does

User-friendly Interface Carefully crafted the design, that’s what concentrate on work only.Simple registration, login process. User’s registration is simple and reliable.3 step booking process. The simple booking process in 3 steps to avoid boring and traditional booking processes.Google map locations. On type letter of location, all locations will fetch by Google, it’s so pretty simple and nice.Route map, distance and cost calculations for given source and destination.The user will able to see the route on the map, which connects the source and destinations.Waiting for time option for a return journey. The user can select the waiting time while booking, makes simple for admin to understand before the vehicle dispatch.Bookings History. The user can able to see his booking history so that he will feel good. Email support for booking status. An email alert will send by admin on approval of booking or status.Profile settings User easily manages his profile without any hassle.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the data and pointing it to the maps was something I have not done before, it took little time butI learned that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of creating a taxi sharing app for Morocco which has an option to book infant or Child seat also. This feature will be a life saver for many Mothers.

What I learned

I learned to create a Taxi Service app, bounding the google maps to show locations from one country and planting the point on maps and showing the road ways.

What's next for Mo Cabs - Connecting Lives

Mo Cabs will be better with the feedback we will receive along this competition and we will soon launch this app so that it can make Taxi sharing experience better, specially for mothers along with her child.

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