We all know that the blockchain avatar is an NFT, and the blockchain domain name is also an NFT. They are all based on the TRC-721, so they are composable.

Our team decided to develop a visual blockchain domain name that is easier for users to understand and use.

It is a personalized NFT avatar also a unique blockchain domain name. It is a basic web protocol that is more in line with the web3 scene and the spirit of blockchain.

What it does

On-chain Account System

MNS is an on-chain account system. People can realize a unique ID on-chain through the blockchain account system. Transfer money through verifiable names without copying lengthy blockchain addresses. You can also resolve your wallet address, email address, Twitter account, and other data addresses, including on-chain and off-chain.

Decentralized Websites

Launch censorship-resistant decentralized websites with MNS. Upload your website to BPFS and access it with your MNS name.

Decentralized Login

In the future of web3.0, you only need one account, no need to register each application separately. Your account will be permanently stored on the blockchain, and only your private key can control it.

How we built it

After using blockchain domain names such as ENS, our team found that these blockchain domain names are not very friendly to use and have almost no application scenarios. They need to renew their fees every year, and the registration logic is complicated. In fact, the existing blockchain domain names are simply moved to the blockchain.

MNS is a brand new web3 product logic. MNS achieves a more direct mapping by naming TokenID, becoming a readable address for all tokens, and also a personalized NFT avatar expressing itself.

Challenges we ran into

We designed a set of PFP to generate infinite combinations algorithmically. At the same time, rarity is designed, and a new way of NFT launchpad.

We know that almost all NFT series are designed around 10,000, which can highlight its scarcity. MNS is completely the opposite, and its number of NFTs has no upper limit. We need to design a whole new model for users to accept it, which is a very big challenge.

After the collaboration of the team and the revision and polishing of several versions, we are very confident in the current model.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

MNS may be the first real blockchain domain name, an innovative visual web3 domain name system.

We believe that blockchain can enable a fairer Internet. In the Internet age, domain names are more about mapping IP addresses. Links Internet sites. There are about 170 million websites in the world.

As a blockchain domain name in the metaverse and web3, MNS's vision is to connect more people. Let more people have their own identity in web3. Let's embrace this new era of value networks together.

What we learned

Our team has been able to implement smart contract development very proficiently.

What's next for MNS: Metaverse Name Service

MNS has detailed development roadmap

  1. Generate a personalized 3D avatar for the user based on the current MNS avatar. This is not an idea, in fact the development of this system is more than 50% complete. We will announce its demo soon.

  2. MNS-based on-chain push notification service Based on the open communication layer of MNS, it allows any crypto wallet/frontend to connect to the network and communicate. Using it, any dApp, smart contract, backend or protocol can send communications related to user wallet addresses.

  3. MNS-based instant messaging application Users can use MNS to log in to IM. It is a social dApp based on the blockchain technology.

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