Magnetic nanoparticles are a recent innovation with a great deal of untapped potential. We wanted to create a device that illustrated the efficacy of these particles in technical fields.

What it does

Laboratories can use spectrophotometer app to efficiently create enzyme kinetic profiles and schools can use app as an cost efficient alternative to spectrophotometers.

How we built it

Coated α-amylase in magnetic nanoparticles and suspended them using magnets. Built tank to digest the strach using multipe items and the spectrophotometer is built using xcode.

Challenges we ran into

  • Utilizing JBChart kit in xcode.
  • Finding the average color of an image.
  • Acquiring 50nm magnetic nanoparticles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Acquiring 50nm magnetic nanoparticles.
  • Successfully utilizing magnetic nanoparticle conjugated alpha amylase.
  • Creating a successful spectrometer using an iPhone

What we learned

  • Spectrophotometry
  • Enzyme Kinetics

What's next for MNP Conjugated Enzymes

Multiple biomedical applications such as cell culturing, blood purification systems, and suspended proteins.

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