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Remember that frustration when you see a delicious dish somewhere but don’t know the name nor how to cook it? Gone are the days with our Foodify app.

What it does

Foodify is a project that allows users to take a picture of food, identify ingredients in it and then get great related recipes.

How it works

First the user takes a picture and submit it to the background of the project. The first part of the background uses Clarifai API with its visual recognition to identify the name of the ingredients and the food theme. Then the first part of the background sends this list of ingredients to the second part of the background which connects to Food2Fork API, returning relevant recipes with the above ingredients or themes. Finally, this information is sent to the Android app and shown to users.

What tech is used

For the first part of the backround we used Java. For the second part of the background we used Javascript (NodeJS). The app is developed in Android Studio.

Who did this

Foodify is a project developed by My Nguyen, Nirmal Nepal and Marc Benedí.

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