Protests of the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline on unceded Sioux territory. #NoDAPL

"An origin story of the Oceti Sakowin, the Seven Council Fires, which make up the Lakota, Nakoda, and Dakota people, tells us that the blood of First Creation, Inyan, covers Unci Maka, our grandmother earth, and this blood, which is blue is mni, water, and mahpiya, the sky. Mni Wiconi, water is life."

What it does

Plots the pipeline and intersecting rivers, streams, and bodies of water to show which freshwater sources will be affected by theoretical leaks and ruptures in the pipeline (highlighted in fuschia). Includes the locations of Native American reservations highlighted in yellow.

How I built it

Using Carto for mapping and analysis. Using Ionic for the hybrid mobile app. Using water data obtained from ESRI. Using pipeline data obtained from Nitin Jee:

What's next for Mni Wiconi

Simulate ruptures and leaks at specific parts of the pipeline interactively and see changes and effects to the waters in according to real-time flow of rivers and streams using USGS real-time data.

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