mNanoTox™ is DeepMed Library's mobilized, digitized reference desk. It is a dedicated, 24/7 research support resource for our patrons who endeavour in the NanoToxicology, Computational NanoToxicology, NanoPathology, NanoBioEthics, and NanoLaw disciplines. It is offered also as an information dissemination device for medical librarians and allied health employees, policymakers, industry investors, law practitioners, business owners and workers, aqua- and agricultural laborers, modern philosophers, moral advisors and their adherents, and the wider, alert, engaged public. Conceived as a Smartphone service built upon GENWi's platform, DeepMed Library's patrons' research and reference needs will be supported by subject specialty content curated -in portion- from NLM_SIS, ToxSeek, TOXNET, ToxLearn, NCBI, ChemID, ToxLine premium databases. Knowledge discovery -not just digital information dispersal - will be furthered and facilitated by timely feeds, delivered on-the-fly and transmitted via iPhone, iPad, Android, and HTML5 by mNanoTox™, which will be fully functionalized at: mNanoTox™'s creator is a recently-registered Apple developer. In order to meet Challenge Post deadline, the app is presented here in its alpha phase. A full launch will be enabled at Competition's end, with further testing and enabled vetting.

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