Frustration from not being able to get lab and tutorial slots. Been camping in front of the computer for a whole day and never got any slots, which some ended up having to drop some modules. It can also be difficult to make any mutual swaps if you don't have a wide network of friends. Hence, this central website would be the best way to do this swap.

What it does

Students input current class to be swapped, together with desired class. MMS provides a list of matching requests to user, providing a streamlined approach to linking up with other students who has the desired slot.

How we built it

Front end is built using HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as making use of the bootstrap. NUSMods API is also used to draw on module information required.

Challenges we ran into

Due to limited experience with APIs, it was a difficult process but we definitely learnt a lot after this.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to use APIs and make a website from scratch

What we learned

Using APIs and web development skills, as well as effective communication within a team.

Future Developments

This version is currently a desktop version. Would continue to work on it so that it allows users to access it on their mobile devices and tablets.

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