We all love games, and we wanted to create a bot which could amplify the users’ experience on discord by turning their server into an MMO community, with the rpg creation feature allowing the server’s admins to create endless content for the other server members to enjoy.

What it does

Our bot allows all of the members of a discord server to create their own fictional characters who can be used within RPG style games created by admins in the server. Outside of the rpgs, the characters can be used within the server’s world; users can have jobs, and are able to care for their character. 
After the bot is added to a server, members can create their own characters and choose a job. Members can use these characters within the server’s environment, their own custom RPG adventures, or the sample RPG we provided.

Challenges I ran into

The major problem we faced is that we started off with an ambitious plan to create an online multiplayer game in Unity, which we later changed to our current idea, leaving us less time than we would have liked to work on our project. 

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For most of us, it was our first or second hackathon, so successfully creating this bot was an incredible experience we all are proud of.

What I learned

What's next for MMORPG bot

In the future, we’d like to expand the bot’s capabilities to offer an even more immersive and customizable experience. Due to the time limitations of this event, we would never be able to add every feature seen in highly complex MMOs or RPGs, but those features could easily be added to expand upon what we currently have. We’d also like to host the bot publicly so it could be present on many servers simultaneously. Additionally, we’d like to offer more rpg games built into the bot already, so that users are able to play a variety of games when they do not feel like making their own. In the future, the bot would allow users to post their custom games publicly so that users in other servers could play them.

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