According to statistics , 20-25% of food at marriages, hotels, individual-oriented events, etc . goes to trash. This figure is awful in itself, it becomes more dismaying when we collocate this count opposed to the number of people sleeping hungry each night that is approximately 25-30 crores. Thus, Alms would prove a channel to deal with this problem. Alms will indirectly be productive to fight against hunger and malnutrition.

What it does

Alms is a webapp implemented that will provide a bridge between the donor of food and the volunteer/organization/NGO who fights with hunger problems by feeding the needy. Alms would provide a platform for communication between donor of food and the volunteer or organizational representative who provides food to needy. Thus , it will pave a way to provide a solution to food waste management issues.

How we built it

In the initial phase, we decided our database schema on Lucidchart. And we designed the pages of UI on figma and further executed the coding part accordingly. Basically we divided our tasks into two parts:

  1. Backend: In the backend part we decided the database schema and dealt with uploading images on cloudinary server. For storing the data we have used Mongodb Atlas server. For the chat part we have used We created the APIs for different routes and tested the APIs using Postman tool. 2.Frontend: As per the UI designs, we designed the pages in an interactive manner. After that we have done the connectivity to the backend server and tested all the routes so that all features should work dynamically in our project.

Challenges we ran into

Basically the challenging part is to do connectivity in MERN(Mongodb,Expressjs,Reactjs,Nodejs) stack. We have to hustle through the CORS error . Moreover managing the Authorization part for private routes in frontend and maintaining the user session with the help of token was a tedious task through state management. Hence we somehow tackled the problem by testing different approaches.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We tried to developed a solution to handle the food waste management issue which is a crucial problem in today's society.

What we learned

Got to know how to hack in a limited hours. Got more proficient with MERN stack.

What's next for ALMS

We are planning to add Notification feature using Twilio so that whenever someone donates the food ,the user can instantly get notified . Any organization/colleges can host the donation event onto the platform and the donation will be sent to different NGOs.

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