I wanted to use what I learned in econometrics and build a model to predict what people want to eat. The name is a homage to Alexis Ohanian. Full story here:

What it does

Currently, all it does is store what you ate and what you would rate it. I still am unsure of how to go about deciphering the Yelp dataset and building a model. I experimented a little using Python and Yelp's MapReduce package on the dataset through the use of AWS EMR. Got a nice basic understanding of what the package does and can find word counts/etc. Not sure where to go from here. For future explorations...

How I built it


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Made ma first native iOS app

What I learned

I am still very n00b

What's next for MMM

Actually build a decent model using regression and whatnot, hooking up to Yelp API to suggest restaurants, actually making good use of AWS EMR instead of just running simple scripts like on it

Built With

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