Note: This project was originally created in October 2017 and won the Grand Prize at Hack Upstate X at a time where DevPost was not popular (Hack Assist no longer exists). I'm posting it here to showcase a more complete portfolio on DevPost.

Other creators:

  • Kai Burnett
  • Andy Siradas
  • Tim Starmer
  • Kristine Carlsen
  • Michael McCormack

See article from Hack Upstate X


Remember the old Asteroids arcade game? Well now you can play a spin-off of it on the big screen using your phone as a mobile controller.

What it does

In a group of friends, someone logs into our website using their computer or a larger screen, which displays a space background image. Users navigate to the login shortlink on their mobile phones and are asked to select a spaceship sprite and submit a username. Once logged in, their spaceship sprite appears with their username above them.

In game, users steer by tilting their phone left/right (controlled by phone's internal gyroscope). They can move forward and shoot bullets with HTML buttons.

How we built it

We used the Phaser game framework and allowed for multi-user play with Web Sockets.

Challenges we ran into

The gyroscope feature was trickier than expected! But we got it working.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some of us in the team had never been to a hackathon or even used Git before. But we all were able to work together to get this game made in less than 24 hours! The team was a great mix of professionals and college students.

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