Inspiration I have seen people who post on twitter in rash or without considering the impact of it.

What it does We have a whole twitter developer application which can show my twitter timeline .My mentions

If you place your/anyone screen name in it you can see your/anyone timeline It is realtrump or CoronaVid19 for time being.Just give a try.

then we use this model. which gives us [0.0393042341,0.0001401903,0.0039898045,0.0001401451,0.0046952446,0.0002511063] We have streaming API, timelines Sanitize your tweet options

How we built it

Sagemaker was quick Some code for Twitter API

Challenges we ran into

Sagemaker API giving an issue

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finally, we can have a model that can give us ML for tweeting.

What we learned Sage maker and ready to use models

What's next for MLTweeter

I will keep it running and see how many people use it

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