Pink Hat

Innovated, built and demonstrated at the MLH Local Hack Day at Temple University, Pink Hat Financial offers penny stock investors the opportunity to have daily analysis of trendy, and hot penny stocks. As we all know, investing into the stock market can be a nerve wrecking experience, which will require thousands of dollars for investors to have a significant return on investment. With penny stocks, beginners can invest little and get returns that no blue chip stock can provide back. Starting at as little as $0.01 and to $5.00, penny stocks are great for a high volume trade with maximum potential for quick growth.The Pink Hat Android application provides users with penny stock analysis. With a team of financial analysts, Pink Hat will provide top-picks of penny stocks for investors with no experience, and even investors by trade. Before the market opens, the Pink Hat Android Application will have lists of chosen penny stocks as a guide for investors for that specific day. Our analysis from our financial analysts will provide a foundation for investors to get started with penny stocks.

Business Model:

Free Tier: This will give the essential features to customers who want to try out the application. Randomly chosen penny stocks from that day will be provided for app users, to expand their choices for that trading day further.

PHat+: This will give app users the full list of penny stocks chosen by the market professionals, and artificial intelligence analysis. Graphs, charts, and news will be provided as well giving all the primary benefits for users to take advantage of for their trading needs.

PHat Premium: With a monthly/ annual fee the users will be able to ask the financial analysts questions regarding daily trading, current popular stocks, brokerage information, and talk to other users.

Revolutionary and innovative approach for quick return on investments! Created by:

Mohammad Alqudah Daniel Dubovoy Nermin Shaban

For MLH Hackathon @Temple University Dec 3, 2016

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