I was looking online a few weeks ago and found that it was possible to make a nintendo ds game! So before coming i downloaded what i needed and the long old process of deciding what to make started untill i finally settled on SNEK TU the new improved snake game!

What it does

it is both one and two player snake game.

How I built it

i had to learn to use c++ and code it with little to no helpful documentation.

Challenges I ran into

all of them! i have never built a game before i specialise in hardware and robotics.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

that it works! i have a working game!

What I learned

all of the things, I have built on my knowledge of c++ and learnt how to hack a nintendo ds which i way harder then first expected.

What's next for MLH_Hackathon

make a better game on no face!

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