Tech domain

Although we were able to deploy our website in Heroku, we were unable to add the custom domain we registered with .tech because of the verification issues of our debit/credit cards. We have registered the '' domain with .tech and if the verification issues get resolved in Heroku, we will add the custom domain to our flask application currently deployed on Heroku.


As students, we understand how difficult it can be to search for resources so we decided to make this blog to make access easier for students and also use this opportunity to improve our skills.

What it does

This portfolio project displays the projects one has worked on and also includes a blog that lists out the opportunities and resources available to students within CS.

How we built it

  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap
  • Backend: Python (Flask)
  • Deployed on Heroku and collaborated with Git

Challenges we ran into

  • Using Python's virtual environment in collaboration with Git
  • Learning to work with Flask
  • Understanding how to host a python application

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our seamless collaboration using GitHub
  • Finishing and deploying the project within the given time-frame

Overall this was a great learning experience for our team!

What we learned

  • Development with Flask and Python's virtual environment
  • Website deployment and hosting on Heroku
  • Good GitHub practices and collaboration

What's next for MLH-Portfolio

  • Add more resources within the blog and increase feature development
  • Increase our website's accessibility according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • Further, refine the website's design
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