Inspiration 💡

Creativity is intelligence having fun The moment we went through the Portfolio website, the file was something which bugged us the most as it was considerably ordinary. So we had decided to take up that respective issue and revamp the entire UI of that page. Upon working on the same, we realized, considering our experience, a Flutter implementation of the entire Portfolio website would improve the UI a lot and so we decided to develop that too.

What it does 👏

The website with its revamped UI shows a basic portfolio of any person along with certain enhancements.

How we built it

The native website was built using HTML, SCSS and JavaScript. The additional implementation of the website developed by our team was made using Flutter Web (Dart). And of course, along with that, we needed some cups of coffee 😂.

Challenges we ran into 🦯

There were a few challenges we had ran into while working

  • There were issues in using iframe due to HTTPS policies. So we had to use workarounds in JavaScript instead.
  • We also faced some issues while hosting the Flutter website globally which was later sorted out after some research.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 😎

  • We are really proud of the revamped UI which we have made as it looks quite attractive and yet simple when compared to the original website.
  • We are also proud that we were able to change the tech stack and develop the website in Flutter in a short span of time.

What we learned 👩‍💻

  • We have learned that teamwork and dedication makes everything possible
  • We have learnt a lot about developing software with a big team/community.

What's next for MLH Pod 3.1.1 Portfolio Website 🤔

We have planned a number of modifications for future

  • We plan to implement even more features in the Flutter as well as the native version of the website
  • We have planned to embed social media link popups along with custom domain hosting of the website.
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