McHacks 2018

Project name: MLH-hooks


The purpose of this git tool is to make organizing major hackathon events a breeze for organizers and sponsors, and also to help hackers to get the personalized help that they need easier.


Users can either clone this repo

git clone

or to simply download the file git-clone to a directory

chmod +x git-mlhclone

Next, make sure your computer already has git installed. Then, in the terminal simply run:

git mlclone <github-url>

And it will automatically download the file into your git repository directory/.git/hook/, as well as create a pre-push file. Then, after each push to the remote directory, it will run these two files. Disclaimer: Please read through what these files do at least one to avoid unwanted behavior.

What it does:

These git tool will collect the following information in your local directory in order to track your progress through the hackathon, as well as communicate mesages from organizers to hackers.

  • Programming language used
  • API used
  • Commit frequncies (from git log)

Then, on a remote server, one can visualize the all the information collected.

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