Interested in the problem of food insecurity, we took food banks as inspirations and aimed to create a platform that increases awareness about how much money people waste in buying excess food, and how that money could be better suited to assist those in need.

Our project consists of flask and the language python as well as html web pages. Our website name "i'm full" seeks to remind people to only buy what they need instead of throwing away large amounts of food in the end. On our home page, one can see our logo, which has a bag of groceries above a giving hand. Again, the purpose of our logo is to encourage people to either donate their unwanted food or cut down on the amount they purchase.

Below our logo are four dropdown menus of food. Each dropdown menu represents one category in food: produce, meat, vegetable, and wheat. We choose these categories as they are the most common types of groceries seen in a common household. Within each dropdown menu has a textbox for the user to enter how food in pounds they have thrown away. Then, after pressing "calculate!", our program will calculate how much food is wasted based on the average food prices provided by the government. Using the ratio that the average cost of food per household a day is $7.64, our program then calculates how many households the wasted food could have fed.

We met a lot of challenges while working on this project. With two out of three of the members are hackathon beginners, we had an extremely hard time understanding how flask works. It was also quite hard for us to understand what were APIs and how to retrieve data from the user. Nonetheless, it has been a very rewarding experience, and we would want to continue this project in the future if possible.

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