• we were inspired by the name of the pod and really wanted to go with the theme

What it does

-The website has the following pages: home, blogs, projects, teams -The blog page refers visitors to notable blogs that may help them in their projects -The projects page serves as a demo area for future projects -The teams page includes each team member's social media accounts

How we built it

-We used Flask as our back-end server and we used jinja for templating -For the webpages, we use Bootstrap5 to help us get with quick designs -The website is hosted on heroku, and continuously integrated with GitHub

Challenges we ran into

-Learning how to work with Flask was a big ramp up -Learning how to properly host a website

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Really proud that we were able to work together and collaborate, it was an amazing experience.

What we learned

  • Coding and collaborating through GitHub - proper workflows for issues, pull-requests, and merges
  • Flask
  • Python virtualenv
  • Hosting via Heroku

What's next for MLH-DragonDen-3.3.7

  • Further refine the website looks - Enhance blogging features to incorporate flask-blogging with markdowns

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