This is our first Hackathon. And while we are not full stack developers, we still wanted to tackle on the challenges. The Bloomberg B Puzzle Challenge and the Virtual Scape Room were AWESOME, we were like "keep them coming" the entire time! It has been a wonderful experience, we really enjoyed the event!!!

What it does

Registered a domain name through

How I built it

We used the WEBSITEBUILDER from

Challenges I ran into

The submission process ;) nah just kidding

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to participate on ShellHacks is already an amazing thing!!!

What I learned

We can still crank up a web page using just Notepad some old fashion HTML tags and a bit of CSS... but is not gonna be pretty one though lol

What's next for MLH Domain Challenge

Probably we will bulk WordPress on it, get an SSL certificate (either self generate or from a third party) and decide what the final use of the site will be.

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