The present websites related to travel planning,do not provide the feature ,where the customer can feel how his experience would be like,when they are at that place.

What it does

The user can login and create an account,and then head on to destinations,in destinations they can click on the place they wish to visit and turn on their camera,and experience on screen how it looks like,see that they are not at their home anymore but at the place they wanted to visit ,this helps them get a better idea which place to book,and a feeling of that place.once the customer,likes a particular destination,they can book their tickets for that place.

How we built it

We have used Web technologies like-html,css,bootstrap,javascript;for the user experience we have used OPEN CV,python and as for payment gate way we have used razopay.

Challenges we ran into

getting data set for each city,so that with the open cv model our user could experience it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have finally created a platform that is more user centric ,making their choosing process easier, as well as for people stuck in houses it is an amazing platform to experience what it would feel like if they were at some other tourist spot

What we learned

Something new and interesting

What's next for MLH Bon Voyage

We intend to add more cities so that any user across the globe can experience it,and improve the open cv model.

Built With

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