The theme inspired me to create an automated script that could register me for the MLH hackathons

What it does

Automatic Check in and registration. This scripts logs into my devpost, registers for the MLH hackathon that is currently open and then registers on the official MLH website and also checks me in using the typeform.

How we built it

I used Selenium with the Chrome WebDriver to automate the process

Challenges we ran into

The check in form is dynamically generated by Typeform which meant that the XPath was different every time so that took a long time to automate and it still has issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The script works and I was able to register for the Hackathon on Devpost as well as MLH and check in as well.

What we learned

How actionchains can be used in selenium to automate things.

What's next for MLH-Automated-Registeration

I would like to fix the remaining bugs so that it is more usable.

Built With

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