Opportunity to learn by documenting the project

What it does

Easy setup portfolio template

How we built it

Each person could individually create issues and anyone could deal with those issues

Challenges we ran into

Merges, lack of communication, dealing with too many issues in a single PR, overlapping work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a really nice Portfolio template.

What we learned

Git, yml, sass, Linkedin API, Lighthouse, night mode

What's next for MLH 3.1.3 Portfolio

Use that as a template for each person to build its own personal portfolio.

I have personally worked on issues #18 (readme improvement), #27 (figured we were unable to use linkedin API), #50, #78 and #83 (navbar issues), #82 (helped with broken github stats). I was unable to solve issue #68 where it was suggested to add lighthouse scores to the readme file.

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