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Today we have put together a new way to listen to your favorite team’s baseball game. I think that I speak for everyone here when I say that I've listened to my fair share of baseball on the radio over the years. It will never be as good as watching the actual game, but we hope that we can help shrink the gap a little with our new program, The Audio Baseball Experience. The Audio Baseball Experience provides an interactive way for listeners to follow along with the game's currently being played. At one time or another everyone has wanted to know a little bit more about the batter at the plate. While watching the game, that is no problem at all due to the player’s stats usually being displayed on the screen whilst he is walking up to the plate. But, what happens when you are listening to the game? The player’s season stats are nowhere to be found. Well, that is where we come in. By going to our site, you will select the game of your choice that is currently being played and let us do the rest. Simply click on the player at the plate, and his season stats going into today's game will be displayed for you. I for one listen to baseball games as much as I can and having the player stats readily available to me on the same platform in which I am listening to the game is something that we are very excited to introduce.

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