In a saturated real-estate market, it has become increasingly difficult to make informed decisions about housing purchases from an investment perspective. To aid investors in taking advantage of the vast opportunities available in real-estate, our team has developed MLEstate This tool uses machine learning to more accurately determine areas where the real estate prices have the greatest potential for growth using historical housing price data from the past 25 years.

What it does

Using the Zillow API which provides access to housing prices over the last 25 years for every major US city, we have used machine learning to perform a linear regression on each city's data to determine a line of best fit. Our model uses the slopes of the lines of best fit where a higher slope represents a higher rate of growth and vice versa. This processed data is reflected on our website using a heatmap where the places with the highest growth are indicated by the color red, and areas of least growth are marked by the color green.

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