Desire to have more children acquire basic education by being informed early when possibilities of discontinuing education occur and mitigating them.

What it does

Contains database of all children, teachers, parents and other education managers. The database is constantly updated by class teachers daily attendance register, Heads of schools on discipline and education manager on critical issues. These parties can also share and talk to each other in appropriate levels.

How I built it

Using Angular, mongodb, jquery, html5, JavaScript and css.

Challenges I ran into

Getting education statistics to understand the problem better, computer unresponsiveness, mongodb failure to work properly initially and server issues.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Commitment from members, assistance and learning from the team members, support from the mentors to learning new skills in coding.

What I learned

How to link angular to mongodb, use of postman, use of forms to post in various coding environments platforms

What's next for Mkombozi

Testing to ascertain the functionality, and possible adjustments where necessary. Seek funding for implementation of this critical nut the tightening of the education pillars.

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