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The Milwaukee (MKE) music scene has a profound need for better communication, tighter community, industry education, and advancement opportunities surrounding the professional music industry as a means of sharing personal failures and successes to reduce common pain points and reduce the barrier to entry as well as both 1-on-1 and inter-genre/inter-medium collaboration to strengthen the larger MKE artistic scene and culture.


The solution we’re proposing is a means for enabling independent success and professional business acuity, while reducing the need for unguided, independent learning, trial-by-fire participation, and improved financial sustainability of artists.

We’re recommending a “MKEmusic.” program. This program will help musicians (and other artists) through the process of creative content generation and collaboration, meta data, business forms, guides and production templates, and supplemental communication channels.

This will also help the MKE music scene by creating a cohesive body of artists with more BMI playtime, resulting in a better projection of MKE artistic style on the state, regional, and national stage.

Our Approach

Our approach includes planning and management of regular communication channels (discussion forums), a regular meetup event schedule for discussion with a panel focused on providing mentorship and expertise, and consultation services specific to multiple creative mediums.

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