We were really focused. We really wanted to finish a project. Yeah.

What it does

MizzyChan is a News website that allows you to upload News articles for each topic or will generate an article for your viewing pleasure at a specified time interval.

How we built it

We brainstormed ideas.

Challenges we ran into

The countdown timer. The socketio chat debugger. The title for the crawler. CSS in general. Sleep deprivation. Staying on topic as a team and completing our mission. Floating to the right. Dns propagation times. AWS customer service.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We completed the countdown timer, got the socketio debugger to work, finally got the title crawler to get the title. We stayed up and powered through the night. We floated to the right. DNS was successful after 12 hours - we learned patience is a virtue. We got the main frontend looking nice / working. We all learned flask and how to link it with HTML and javascript. First time using git properly. Learned how to work well as a team and split up the work and getting the tasks done.

We actually got done what we wanted to get done for our website.

What we learned

Become more proficient in: Python,Javascript,Flask, Mongodb,AWS,Nginx,,Linux,Ubuntu,HTML5,CSS,Bootstrap,socketio,,ssh

What's next for MizzyChan

Getting more topics with the crawler, generate more articles to increase the user base, get more user submitted uploads, etc. Make a ranking system for the articles.

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