Empathy with inanimate objects

What it does

It encourages you to exercise and take care of your phone, because not only is your and your phone's health at stake--your oniongarlic's is as well!

How I built it

We put together Google Fit data to find out when you reach an hour of exercise a day--a healthy, feasible goal that Google already sets as a baseline. When you exercise, your oniongarlic's health will grow. However, if your phone falls, it will tell you OW (via Text To Speech, a built-in Google feature), and your oniongarlic will lose health. We used data from your phone's built-in gyroscope and accelerometer to figure out when your phone is falling (or, if you're lucky, when you spin it)

Challenges I ran into

We had a lot of issues with Google Fit. Its API was not easy to use. We also aren't the best at physics, so using gyroscopes and accelerometers wasn't easy either!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is a fun app, but it has serious possibilities for the future of how people and technology interact! (we are also pretty proud of this video)

What I learned

We learned how to put so many different kinds of technology together (and in an Android app!), in a way that worked together really well

What's next for miyomayOW

Other habits to reinforce! Nutrition and sleep are some of our top priorities.

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