We found that the metaverse has the following problems that affect the player's immersion experience.

  1. The existing metaverse is like an island, each fighting on its own and unconnected to the other. There is no migration of player assets and no unification of player identities.
  2. Most existing metaverse representations are more like Web 2.0. They do not truly embrace VA/AR technology, nor do they bring the ultimate sensory experience to the player to the greatest extent possible.
  3. The existing metaverse is more like a plus-sized game application or a profit pool that does not guide players to belong to it.
  4. The threshold and cost of creating a metaverse is too high. Instead, in the future, people should be free to live in a variety of metaverse. At the same time, the metaverse should be as easy and fast to set up as a company.

This is how MixVerse was born.

What it does

The MixVerse project creates a Web 3.0 open state system for the VR/AR metaverse.

MixSupport: MixVerse provides the core technology underpinning. Any organization or person can easily and quickly build a metaverse modularly under the guarantee of smart contracts in each layer.

VR/AR multi-dimensional support: MixVerse supports and promotes the use and development of VR/AR technology in the metaverse in a holistic manner. We will provide multi-side joint adaptation technology to solve the problem of multi-scene player participation. We also provide MachineFi device mining solution to encourage more players and devices to participate in the Metaverse.

MachineFi: Issuing token rewards. Encourage players to use VR/AR devices equipped with hardware underlying protocols to participate in metaverse activities.

LiveFi: Establishing rules for living in the metaverse and encouraging players to participate in co-creation and co-build.

MetaFi: Establish a cross-meta-universe economic system and create a cross-metaverse state.

AI Support: Provide AI access to help players create and incubate realistic virtual myths and other AI products.

DAO Support: A highly open governance concept that provides governance solutions for all industries within the metaverse. The ultimate goal is complete self-governance.

How we built it

We first provide the underlying protocol and interface of MachineFi and build the first metaverse in the MixVerse system. Through VR/AR devices, users can enjoy all metaverse experiences including games, entertainment, social, life, business, work and learning. At the same time, users are also rewarded with generous output through MachineFi, GameFi, and SocialFi. At the same time, we will open the MixVerse to the public, and any organization or individual can work with MixVerse to build different metaverse in a modular way. The users of each metaverse will settle in it through LiveFi and create it together. Other users can also participate in it directly or indirectly through MetaFi, etc.

Next, we will open up the entire system and directly or indirectly accept projects from outside the metaverse.

Finally, we will gradually open up the DAO, and eventually achieve full-side self-governance of the whole system.

Challenges we ran into

The performance of VR/AR devices varies greatly. Low-rated VR/AR devices are physically limited and cannot achieve the experience of high-rated mainstream devices. We basically solve this problem with MachineFi technology.

MixSupport's modular world editor was too ambitious and the development time was longer than expected. We basically solved this problem by subcontracting modular development in the form of community DAO.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We implemented the underlying technology of MachineFi, which greatly improves the performance of all VR/AR devices with MachineFi technology. By coordinating the hardware underlying protocol with the game core engine, we have implemented group rendering and distributed rendering functions for VR/AR. For complex and detailed scenes that do not require high realism, the results of rendering under the same conditions will be shared with other devices. The MachineFi reward mechanism is also activated at this point.
  2. We open up the closed loop of users' activities in the metaverse. Unlike games, in the MixVerse system, while users enjoy the world and experience, they need to have an internal link so that they have enough motivation to stay and live in the metaverse, rather than treating all metaverse projects as money-making tools forever. We introduce the rules of physical strength consumption and LiveFi, so that users need to rest, drink, and consume through specific facilities in order to regain their physical strength. All other activities require physical strength to participate. At the same time, users can invest in NFT to renovate, operate, or participate in world-building activities to earn output rewards and increase LiveFi power.
  3. We have opened up the economic system across metaverse. Through MetaFi activities, anyone can participate in metallic activities with the metaverse as the object. All metaverse follow the same rules to calculate their cosmogonic power. This power is influenced by the user activity, MetaFi popularity, meta-universe size, token output and value, and other factors. ## What we learned

Through the process of implementing MxiVerse from scratch, we have learned the spirit of Web 3.0 in a practical way. Not only did we understand that the future of the project is DAO, but also that the beginning and process of the project should be a DAO model of high autonomy and cooperation.

What's next for MixVerse

MixVerse will soon launch a demo version of the MixVerse main metaverse and begin the release of the Land and NFT.

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