MixUp Puzzle! is a Memory Power Game. It can be played by anybody especially Kids. It is specially designed for Windows 10 Metro & Desktop using Touch Screen and GPS Technology. It is multi-touch game so that children’s can play in group.


It born in Venture Studio when I was seating alone in Room and Suddenly I thought to make simple puzzle game so that everyone can play and take fun of MixUp Puzzle! Game.


  • Choose Category as Your Requirement and Interest, and Play.
  • Can be played with Keyboard-Mouse or Touch Screen devices running Windows 10.
  • Using Accelerometer so that user can't get bored while playing the game. (I am working on this feature.)


  1. First, we collect the name of the player.
    1.Colors Kid Game_Main

  2. Log In Screenshot
    2.Colors Kid Game_Login

  3. Now, user will tap the "Start Game" button and the location of user will be retrieved using GPS.

  4. Categories: Colours name, Birds name, Animals name, Instruments name, etc. User can select any category.

  5. Now the main screen of MixUp Puzzle Game opens, where some alphabets are randomly moving here and there.
    3.Colors Kid Game_screenshot_1

  6. User has to keep up with those alphabets and put them in the right place to complete level.

  7. Here Timer counts time in seconds.

  8. Once the user places alphabets in the right position, for example, suppose there are 6 blank boxes and user placed alphabet "O" "R" "A" "N" "G" "E" in order, Big Box turns to orange colour according to object name.
    4.Colors Kid Game_screenshot_2

  9. Used metro UI of Windows 10 to show dialog boxes.
    5.Colors Kid Game_screenshot_next_level

  10. And finished game? Then share your score on your social networking site, using Windows 10 social networking tools...
    6.Colors Kid Game_Congratulations_Page

  11. Time to replay or give feedback...

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