I noticed that my circle of friends is kind of limited to people having the same backgrounds and cultures, and it is the case for most people, eventhough we might have the same interests as someone, we won't discover them because of that difference of culture.

What it does

Depending on your interests, the app will give daily recommendations for places and points of interest, the difference is that, based on gathered data, it will try to recommend you places where the public is from different backgrounds, this will give the user the opportunity to meet new people with different cultures while visiting places that interest him, but probably never been to. It will also help diversify and mix the clients and publics related to different points of interest. The app does all of that by sending notifications to the user often enough to suggest him those specific places, the user can also search for precise points of interest anytime if he wants to.

What's next for MixUp ?

At the beginning, we will only be adding basic points of interest like restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, entertainment places ...etc. Later we can add events and time limited opportunities: basically the activities that the user might look for.

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