Inspiration and Initial Idea:

We were inspired to make an App that uses Bose AR frames and a microphone to remix songs with your own vocals, to making streaming content more engage-able.

Our initial idea for this Code Jam is a real time music loop deck that you can use on the go to remix and create using Augmented Reality and Streaming Music.

It’s Built With:

It's built with Unity, the Bose AR, Dolby IO and UMG API's, and a Hotween plugin. As to how we are using the frames, we are mostly taking advantage of the rotational sensors. People are so inclined to nod their head to the music they listen, using that information we are using the frames to figure out the rate they are nodding to the music to get an approximate BPM. We are also using the microphone to record the user in to loopable tracks. Moving forward since we know what approximate BPM they recorded their personal loops at we will be able to adjust the various loops to sync together better, as well as allow the user to modify the overall playback speed by nodding faster or slower.

What It Does:

It uses Bose AR glasses and access to UMG's 40,000 pre-cleared track library to remix songs with library with a motion-based BPM meter that can increase or decrease the song-speed while you record your own vocals over it. It also uses the Dolby IO API to eliminate sound-bleed around the vocals.

It’s Built With:

It's built with Unity, the Bose AR, Dolby IO and UMG API's, and a Hotween plugin.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

Our team work, and the way each member lent their skillset towards making meaningful project contributions while being receptive and open towards ideas and value each member added in collaboration.

What's next for MIXSTAR:

In the next 90 days, we will develop control loop playback speed based on BPM, use the On The Move API’s to recommend music by Artist, Genre & Geo Location(s) and a ratio between average travel time between locations and BPM to recommend/Discover music via Bandsintown & Music That Moves You Partner Challenge. We will also utilize the API’s via Bandsintown + On The Move partnerships via the Bose AR frame mic too provide information about a song artist (e.g.when they’re in your area on tour using GPS), use Connected Travels voice commerce interface to engage and participate with content (including using voice prompts to add songs on iHeartmedia playlists, order Merch on Shopify; Order Tickets on Ticketmaster; Reserve Parking on Arrive.)

Built With

  • bosear
  • dolby
  • dolby-io-and-umg-api's
  • dolbyio
  • hotween-plugin
  • the-bose-ar
  • umg-api
  • unity
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