We weren't able to access the data for our initial project idea, due to the data needed not being publicly available. Instead, we decided to make something fun that involve users interacting with the products of Constellation Brands. Since this hackathon was sponsored by Constellation Brands, we thought of making something that might fit their idea of phyigital that they talked about during the opening ceremony. From there we wanted to make a fun program that would attract user involvement.

What it does

MiXR is a program that allows users to become their own bartender and experiment with mixing drinks while giving them more in-depth information than they would get by just mixing drinks randomly. They can also estimate the cost of how much it would cost to mix their custom drinks as well as share and save drinks made by them and others through a social page.

How we built it

Our plan to build this application was to spend 5 hours in the planning phase, 15 hours in the implementation phase, and 5 hours to wrap everything up (for a lower-level peak into our schedule, check out our github tasks under our Capybara team organization! ).

Each member of the CodingCapybara's walked into this hackathon with a different set of expertise. In order to utilize each of our team member's skillsets to the max, we decided to use the following tools and technologies: *Planning: *

  • Github Projects
  • Jamboard
  • Figma
  • LucidChart

Implementation Design:

  • Figma
  • Unsplash


  • Google's BigQuery
  • MySQL workbench


  • VSCode

Languages, Libraries and Frameworks:

  • Java
  • React
  • SQL
  • Rest
  • Maven
  • JDBC (for databases)

Challenges we ran into

We originally planned to connect to our cloud database to our application in java, but we were having some issues importing some of the required dependencies to do this. With the pressure of time on our shoulders, we made the decision to run our database from a local machine since one of us already had experience with setting up connections in java to a MySQL database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In terms of design, I believe the overall look of most of the main pages is clean and flows well while also allowing for ease of access. There are many aspects that permit for easy changes to be made to the UI/UX if needed, as well as for any additional information that might need to be added in the future if necessary.

In addition to the design, we were also able to implement much of the logic on the back end. Many of the key features for our app are implemented in our model. From our model, we can like, favorite, and create new mixes! Viewing the content and composition of mixes is also one of the noteworthy features that we were able to implement on the backend. The next feature that we wish to implement is a feature that shows the composition of a drink in layers, and mixes when the user indicates they are done adding to their mix.

What we learned

Fun-fact: majority of the Coding Cabybaras are actually newbies! Many of us learned from this experience that planning, communication, and coordination are essential to be successful in a hackathon. We found that these methods were especially important since our team is composed of members with very different backgrounds. Through our collaboration, we were able to learn more about different tools that we could use for different parts of an application. For example, many of the members were unfamiliar with Figma--a prototyping design tool-- and needed to understand the capabilities of this tool in order to understand what the rest of the group could do.

What's next for MiXR

We believe that there's a lot of potential for MiXR to expand. We think this is something that could also be created into a mobile app so that users can request their favorite creations at restaurants by quickly sharing them with the bartenders or other staff through use of a QR code as well as many similar features that we did not have time to implement.

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