Mixmax is a cool company and their product seems like an interesting and fun way to change email.

What it does

Our enhancement allows a person to draw on a canvas and send an image to their friends. The friend then can edit the image. Once they've made their changes our server stores the new image with all edits from all parties and the most updated edit is shown in the original email.

There is a persistent link will always show the most up to date changes all parties have made to the image. This allows for a cohesive, fun, and collaborative environment that attracts all sorts of users.

How we built it

Of course we used the only real language, nodejs, to build the editing kit for the actual drawing application. We used a nodejs server to make the environment interactive and fun. We stored our image in a firebase database and accessed it with api calls. Finally we deployed our live application with Heroku to make it accessible and reliable to all parties.

Challenges we ran into

A challenge was that we had to disable caching when serving the images so that the latest changes are shown. While drawing with our mouse we needed to make the drawn line look smooth to the user rather than blotching when the thickness was very large or the user was moving very quickly across the board.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was very satisfying to integrate the various technologies and make them all work well with one another. It was good to pick up a new technology in a single weekend and get it up and deployed very quickly.

What we learned

It was all of our first time using Mixmax and it left a good impression. It was very flexible extension that had many applications and allowed us to be very creative. For other teammates it was their first time using Firebase and Heroku so going through the full stack and using it was a very valuable learning experience.

What's next for MixMax Drawing App

We're hoping to be acquired by Mixmax in the coming months to integrate commenting and other features.

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