My wife was looking for an easy way to create web-based assignments that included videos, images, maps, and other content from the web. She also wanted to be able to collect student responses. Do you know of any teachers who are always looking for the latest and greatest edtech tools? Send them our way - we love user feedback!

What it does

MixLink allows teachers to assign lessons from the MixLink library in one click - or create their own. A MixLink is a collection of any content from around the web, paired with an optional student response. Once a teacher creates and/or assigns a MixLink, they can share a secure bitly link with his or her students in order to have them join the class and/or start the lesson. Students submit their responses right below the embedded videos, maps, images, and text passages. Teachers can then access and print student responses.

What's next for MixLink

The project is currently in beta and we've received a lot of positive feedback. We'll be posting progress updates from a technical standpoint here on DevPost as we prepare for an official launch in the fall.

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posted an update

I was recently invited to Facebook's HQ to participate in a design critique for this project. I'll share their full recap when it's available; however, you can see the most current update on Medium:

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posted an update

Our beta test is up and running - we've had teachers sign up and assign some MixLinks to their classes. This gave us a chance to fix a couple of small bugs with the log-in and credentialing. We'll be incorporating feedback into the assignment page: many students need a very large, more obvious button/callout to start the assignment.

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