We were inspired by great technologies that we learned at ethboston. It enabled us to enhance our product - by adding new features such as:

  • storing large files at
  • Using new web3 providers: and
  • New transfer functionality using NuCypher
  • Enabling privacy for UMA tokens
  • Utilizing JPMogran blockchain
  • Resolving with ipfs ( )
  • Enabling privacy for TT tokens ## What it does helps you to reclaim your privacy. You can use it to send Ether to any address in a way that obscures your sending address. It does this using zero-knowledge proofs. You can use this app to deposit some ETH into a noncustodial smart contract, and then easily generate a proof that you had performed said deposit without revealing your original address. The app will then send this proof to an operator, which will submit it to the smart contract, which will in turn send the ETH to the desired recipient and reimburse the operator a small fee.

How we built it

With passion, coffee and all night coding.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have deployed a few features to PRODUCTION of

You can also access it at

What we learned

How you can use NuCypher for encrypting and decrypting the data

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