We wanted to streamline the shopping experience among multiple clothing stores that are popular amongst our friends.

What it does

You select stores you want to search, and then search them, pretty simple!

How we built it

We take your search term, and then depending on which stores you select, we search them in our backend and then scrape the data, providing it to the user after processing.

Challenges we ran into

Scraping is pretty slow, and different stores have wildly different formats and available information. We tried our best to accommodate each store, while doing the least cleaning possible so as to not slow it down even more.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works! somewhat

What we learned

A lot about the different frameworks we used as well as some best practices for scraping and HTML tags.

What's next for MixedMarket'

We feel this could be a very useful tool if appropriately scaled and worked on.

Built With

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