Wearing a headset like Magic Leap One takes you into a reality where it's hard to distinguish what's real and what's digital. In this Mixed Reality experience, users want to visualize creative designs for the interior of their homes and offices.

This app allows anyone to quickly scan the surface around them, therefore capturing the room in 3D. After which they can alter colors on the walls, add furniture, art, props into the surrounding.

I built this app using my knowledge of Unity 3D and Magic Leap SDK for the same.

I am currently acquiring 3D assets including furniture etc as 3D Design is not my strong suit.

I am proud of the fact that I can easily create fully immersive MR experience for Magic Leap Device rapidly while providing excellent User Experience.

I learned how different it is designing for the real world, since one has to work with the constraints of physics and objects existing in any surrounding yet integrate digital artifacts into the scene that makes sense.

What's next for Mixed Reality Interior Design is animation and walk though into space where users can completely simulate large scale interior deign projects in Mixed Reality computing.

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