As high school students in the Philippines, we have witnessed the rapid decline and degradation of the education system throughout the years, especially now in the time of a pandemic. We can’t help but feel sorry for those who have been victims to these problems, so we thought that we could use this opportunity to devise or at least initiate a solution to this socio-economic issue as Filipinos who live more comfortably in decent conditions.

As for the more technical and creative side of things, we draw inspiration from content creators and educators on the Internet who have used the digital realm to impart their own knowledge and expertise.

And so we began asking ourselves...

What if we utilized the power of artificial intelligence and already-existing algorithms for our advocacy?

How can we challenge the current educational system that has caused over 2 million Filipino students to drop out?

How can we, as citizens of the digital age, use technology to empower the underprivileged and uneducated?

And so, MixEd was born.

What it does

MixEd is an accessible mobile app that empowers learning beyond formal education. It mixes things up in the ways Filipino students learn by packaging material from various educational sources intuitively into playlists, of which are organized into three categories: (1) playlists premade by the app in which materials are sorted by subject, (2) those personally curated by the user, and (3) those created by other users on the platform.

Simply put, it is an educational app that curates multimedia learning material from various sources in the form of mixtapes to cater to the needs and interests of its users to supplement and empower one’s education.

How we built it

We started off by conducting UX research to dictate our app’s human-centered design direction. After that, we delved into the ideation process to conceptualize our app solution to the rigidities of formal education: inaccessibility and inflexibility of education in developing countries. Finally, we utilized a multidisciplinary approach to mobile development prototyping with graphic design and UX design in eventually forming MixEd.

Challenges we ran into

MixEd wasn’t always what it was today.

Before delving into the design and refinement, our concept for the app was a lot more radical than how it is now. We initially thought of rethinking the entire educational system by taking advantage of artificial intelligence and the highest-grade machine learning in order to formulate personalized curricula that could provide an alternative to formal education. However, this was too extreme and we struggled with feasibility in creating the app. We also envisioned for our app as a be-all end-all solution to poor education in developing countries, but we had to accept that big projects start with small steps. Thus, we had to take our project in a direction that was more realistic but groundbreaking nonetheless: a mobile app that makes learning more self-empowering and accessible

What's next for MixEd

Once we have fully developed the app, we plan to upscale MixEd to reach more than just the Philippines and spread it across all underdeveloped and developed nations facing crises in education. Furthermore, we plan to widen our compendiums by partnering with more educators and educational institutions to improve the quality, breadth, and richness of MixEd.

We don’t want to stop at one nation nor at one subject because we believe that education is a powerful tool to empower the underprivileged youth and their future.

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Built With

  • figma
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