Mixalist is a web app that allows you to find and create playlists. Once you find a playlist you like you can create your own version by remixing it. A remix can reorder the playlist, add new songs or remove the ones you don't like so much.

The main app server is written in Go, storing data in PostgreSQL and serving up HTML with Bootstrap and jQuery. Playlists have custom images generated by the Go server based on compositing individual song images. Music is added by searching Youtube, Soundcloud and any existing songs from other Mixalist playlists. The search is multiplexed using Go's goroutines and channels to parallel search the various sources. Pages are generated using Go's html templating package.

Ths is our submission to Gopher Gala. Our team consists of Ian, Kier and Freya, a dad, son and daughter from the UK. Ian is a full time programmer, Kier is hoping to study Electronics and Computing at University later this year and Freya is not even a teenager yet but has been learning to program for about a year. This is Freya's most ambitious project to date. We entered for a bit of fun and to help Freya learn a lot more about how a web application works. Hopefully we also created something fun to use.

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