I've always liked cyberpunk cities so I wanted to created a cyberpunk city themed social media platform!

What it does

Mixale is a new social media platform that has never been seen before. Explore a cyber punk themed city with your friends and meet new people in it. You can either talk to people via the chat feature or if you have a mic you can talk to people through the voice chat feature. Currently there are 4 sections of the city were you can find people that are interested in certain topics. You can go to the arcade to find people that are into gaming. You can go to the basketball court to find people that are into sports. The center of the city is where you can find people looking for friends. And the bar stand is where you can go to listen to some lofi music. And lastly you can express yourself by using different characters and outfits in Mixale.

How we built it

I built Mixale with Core (which runs on the unreal engine) and for languages of code I used Lua.

Challenges we ran into

It was hard to create some of the assets and it was extremely hard to get the chat/voice chat working. But after a few hours I was to able to get it working!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm very happy with the final product considering I had less than 3 days to finish this project. I'm also very happy with how the city turned out.

What we learned

This was my 2nd time using core so I definitely learned a lot more about how to use core. It was also my first time using blender so I learned how to use blender effectively. More specifically I learned how to make buildings in blender. Lastly, this is my second time using Lua so it was definitely a new learning curve.

What's next for Mixale

I plan to make the city bigger and I plan to add more sections.

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