Ever wondered how come you find yourself looking at sparkling new 'Straight Outta China' iPhone Cases while searching for a Lakers Jersey on eBay?

Yeah, we know the feeling... Search results can suck big time. To fight this extremely annoying trend where abusers try to make a quick buck by running various category-related scams on eBay, we've developed Mix&Match.

What it does

We're on a sacred mission to send the abusers and their sneaky product placements back to the categories they came from while alerting eBay of cases that raise a red flag (abuse once, shame on you, abuse twice, shame on us...)

How it works

Our fancypants algorithm identifies products that are most likely intentionally placed in the wrong category, and gives the player the final word on which category the product really belongs into.

In case a player picks the wrong category for a product and our algorithm detects a pattern emerge, it will show up for a higher amount of players and have them pick the correct category in order to be as certain as possible.

The benefit

Based upon player results, our database is automatically populated with the correct product-to-category relationship.

What's next for Mix&Match

We're going Multiplayer, baby!
We'll be harnessing the power of Facebook players who want to show off their skills to friends and family.

Made with ♥ in Israel

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